Posted by: fictionopia | January 4, 2009

1.01 – “Why me? Why anybody?”

Sarah was little more than a lump under her covers when a polite knock sounded at her bedroom door. Hearing no response Sarah’s visitor invited herself in anyway.

“Sarah, it’s about to start,” Kate said.

“Mmmhhhfffmm,” was the muffled reply.

Kate, very much the morning person, tried again to wake her cousin. “Sarah, up-sey wake-sey!”

Sarah, not so much the morning person, peeked out from under her blanket. Encouraged by the sign of life, Kate jumped on to Sarah’s bed. Grabbing the remote from Sarah’s night table Kate flipped on the television.

“Why me? Why anybody?” Sarah asked.

“Looking for answers?” inquired the television announcer. “Find insight and inspiration in each issue of NY Weekly with horoscopes from Astrid Knowles.”

Kate changed the channel and gave Sarah a nudge. “Come on, Sarah. She’ll be on any minute and you promised her you’d watch.”

Sarah finally resigned herself to being awake and emerged from her Wamsutta cocoon. “Fine, Kate” she said pouting, “take her side. But why couldn’t she be on Oprah? Oprah’s on at four in the afternoon.”

The two focused their attention on the television screen where an uber-perky chat hostess introduced the next segment.

“Today we’re talking to well-known psychiatrist, best-selling author, and self-described guerilla guru, Dr. Melody Neel.”

On to the set walked an impeccably dressed Dr. Neel. She smiled and waved enthusiastically to the audience as she crossed the stage to her seat.

“Dr. Neel, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show,” said Perky McHostess.

“Thank you for having me. Please, call me Melody.”

“Well, Melody, my first question is: what is a “guerilla guru?””

“A guerilla guru is a person who will do anything to help other people change their lives.”

“And that’s what you do in your new book, Drop and Give Me Ten…Reasons to Love Yourself.”

“Yes, but before we get into my book, I have to say a quick hello to my daughter Sarah who turns thirty today. Happy Birthday Sare-Bear!” Melody said to the camera. Turning back to Perky, Melody continued, “I had planned to make her dinner tonight but her boyfriend, who I absolutely adore, is taking her out to her favorite restaurant. You know, I think he’s the one.”

“Mom,” sighed an exasperated Sarah.

“In fact,” said Melody, “I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight he just went ahead and popped the question.”

“Mom!” Sarah screamed. Sitting bolt upright in her bed Sarah stared at the television flabbergasted. She fell back onto the bed dragging her blanket over her head.

“I’ll make coffee,” Kate said delicately.




  1. great job. well written. makes me want 2 see what happens next.

  2. thanx jaye! glad you stopped by.

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