Posted by: fictionopia | January 6, 2009

1.02 – “My day is so gonna suck.”

“It’s not that big a deal, Sarah.”

Seated in the kitchen, Kate poured Sarah a much needed cup of coffee. A nearby magazine, a copy of NY Weekly, served as a makeshift coaster.

“Today is just the icing on the cake. She’s always done this. When I was in high school she told a radio show about my boyfriend dumping me two weeks before prom. She asked the mothers of eligible sons to call in to the show.”

Kate tried unsuccessfully to contain her laughter. “Aunt Mel was trying to help.”

“Was she trying to help when she told a magazine reporter that I missed a mid-term exam because I had cramps?” Sarah asked. “My professor bought me Midol!”

Kate lost any semblance of composure, almost doubling over with laughter, much to her cousin’s annoyance.

“It’s not funny. My mother has made my life one big blog.”

“Don’t let this ruin your birthday,” Kate advised.

“I know but this is going to be on my mind all day. I mean, what if she’s right?”

“About Drew? Do you want to marry him?”

“I don’t know. Maybe…” Sarah slumped in her chair staring absently into the bottom of her coffee cup. “It doesn’t matter. Even if Drew was going to propose, he won’t now. He probably saw my mom on TV and decided he doesn’t want a mother-in-law who’ll tell the world he’s scared of turtles.”

“Is he really?”

“He says they’re not slow, they’re surreptitious.”

“That’s healthy.”

Sarah, cup in hand, headed over to the coffee maker for a refill. “Ka-ate,” Sarah whined, “my day is so gonna suck.”

“How would you know? Let’s get an expert opinion.”

Kate picked up the issue of NY Weekly on the table and began flipping through it. “Let’s see what your horoscope says.” Kate read to herself for a moment and then closed the magazine. “On second thought, why don’t you just play it by ear today?”

“Why? What does it say?” Sarah looked for herself. The horoscope read:

Fate hits the reset button on your life, leaving you back at square one. Don’t wallow. Embrace the opportunity for a do-over and make some different choices. Look for an opening to prevail upon the kindness of a stranger. You may just find a north star to point you in a new direction. Remember that life has a reason for everything and everyone it puts in your path.

Kate braced herself for Sarah’s reaction. Sarah, however, simply nodded slowly and shuffled off to her room like a woman resigned to her fate.


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