Posted by: fictionopia | January 12, 2009

1.06 – “Just smile for the cameras.”

After a couple of days with little to do, Sarah gratefully accepted Joss’s invitation to the launch event for CityTheory, a new fashion line.

“Remember, here it’s ‘J.C. Lynn,'” Joss whispered. Sarah decided not to bother pointing out the irony of having a stage name as a reality star.

“Crap. I thought she was in LA,” Joss said. Sarah followed her sister’s stare and saw, speaking to reporters, Kisha “KiKi” Pullman, another reality star described by Joss as,

“…my nemesis.”

“Nemesis? What are you, a cartoon? No one three-dimensional should have a nemesis,” had been Sarah’s response.

“Well, what do you call someone who is trying to ruin you? She’s diabolical!”

“Ruin you how?”

“She sent a text message that accidentally gets leaked on the internet. It said: “JC Lynn is my enemy, forever and always.””

“Why’s she so pissed at you?”

“She isn’t! She just sent the text message to get a crapload of free publicity at my expense. Two days later she was the most googled woman on reality TV.”

“So now you two have a real feud about the fake feud?” Sarah asked incredulously.

“I told you: diabolical.”

Two months later Joss and KiKi were still feuding. Red carpet reporters noticed Joss’s tension and began shouting questions about the ongoing hostilities between the starlets.

KiKi, who was nearly through the press gauntlet, offered a pointed “no comment” within earshot of the Neel sisters. KiKi flashed a brilliant smile before turning on her heels and heading inside the venue. An exasperated Joss was left to face the inquisition.

Addressing the media, Joss said, “I’m here tonight to support a friend and her new company. If I only thought about myself, I wouldn’t be here. “And,” she added, “neither would my sister Sarah.” Joss threw her arm around Sarah’s shoulders. “She came out with me tonight despite having just lost everything she owned in a fire.”

Neither sister noticed as a nearby CityTheory PR flak hurried inside. Minutes later Sarah and Joss were joined by the owner of CityTheory Designs, Greta Larocco. Photographers crowded around the group as Larocco positioned herself between Sarah and Joss.

“I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received since I announced my plans to start a clothing line,” said Larocco. “Tonight my good friend KC –”

“JC,” Joss whispered.

“–JC is here with her sister despite the great tragedy their family has experienced. I know it won’t change what happened but I would like to offer…

“Sarah,” Joss supplied.

“…Sarah a selection of clothes from my new line to replace some of what she’s lost.” Sarah was stunned.

“I don’t know how to thank you,” Sarah said to Larocco.

“Just smile for the cameras,” was Larocco’s reply.

The group wrapped their impromptu photo shoot and went inside the club for the start of the fashion show.

“I can’t believe a total stranger would do that,” Sarah told her sister as they took their seats.

“I thought you were expecting kindness from a stranger.”


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