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2.03 – “I know. I’m having the prime rib.”

Sarah made a mental to do list for the next day as she prepared to leave work. She was looking forward to getting home and doing absolutely nothing. Feeling a little guilty for it, she was also looking forward to having a break from her mom.

She was about halfway to the subway when her phone rang. It was her mom.

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Posted by: fictionopia | February 3, 2009

2.02 – “Just to be polite.”

“Morning, boss!” Sarah declared as she walked in to the one room office carrying two cups of coffee. Max was busy on the phone so Sarah left a cup of coffee on his desk.

“I can’t talk about this now.” Max said, hanging up the phone. “Good morning, Sarah.”

“Sorry. I didn’t realize you were on the phone. Who’s calling at this hour anyway?”

“You mean…when we’re open?”

“I mean at—” Sarah looked at the wall clock, “9:08 a.m. I’ve always thought of business hours as kind of having an asterisk. Doesn’t everybody?”

“I guess I left the asterisk off my business cards.”

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“An emphatic, two armed, you-are-so-my-hero-hug.”

“Did you get the paper, Sare-Bear?”

“Yes mom.” Sarah was sure that when most mothers asked ‘Did you get the paper?’ they were referring to a national newspaper, or at least a daily metro. But not Melody Neel. She wanted to know if Sarah had picked up the free weekly indie paper with the clairvoyant columnist.

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1.10 – “Let’s see you do this twice.”

Max’s office door was open when Sarah arrived Monday afternoon for their scheduled counseling session. She walked in carrying two cups of coffee from the café across the street.

“Black with two sugars, right?” Sarah asked, offering a cup to Max.


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Posted by: fictionopia | January 15, 2009

1.09 – “I’ve got my own plan now.”

Lying on the chaise in the den, her new favorite thinking spot, Sarah struggled to stay focused. Perched on her chest was a copy of “What Color is Your Parachute? 2008” but Sarah’s thoughts were on Max and their meeting the previous day. Sarah was relieved when Kate came in the room and flopped onto a nearby ottoman.

“So, what color is it?” Kate asked, gesturing towards Sarah’s book.

“No idea,” sighed Sarah, “I’ve read the same paragraph four times now.”

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“I’m sorry, what?”

“Huh? Oh, nothing. I’m mean, you’re a career counselor,” Sarah said. “I could use some counseling, Max. Do you mind if I call you Max?” Sarah sat down and waited for Max, who seemed slightly dumbfounded, to do the same. Max obliged.

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Posted by: fictionopia | January 13, 2009

1.07 – “Is your middle name ‘Polaris?'”

Sarah emerged from the midtown studio of designer Greta Larocco Thursday afternoon laden with bags of new clothing. It turned out that, in her own mercernary way, Larocco really had wanted to help and she had given to Sarah generously. When a very excited Joss called, Sarah barely managed to answer her cell phone without dropping any of her packages.

“We’re all over the internet!”

“Swell,” Sarah replied.

Joss ignored Sarah’s comment. “You know the best part? There’s hardly a mention of KiKi. She might as well have stayed home!”

“Way to be the bigger person, Joss!”

“Bigger person my a–” Sarah’s phone cut Joss off.

“Joss? Joss?” Sarah looked at her phone and saw that the battery had died. Sarah wasn’t surprised considering the phone hadn’t been charged since before the fire. Like everything else, the phone’s charger would have to be replaced but first, she decided, she needed something of a recharge herself. That meant coffee.

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Posted by: fictionopia | January 12, 2009

1.06 – “Just smile for the cameras.”

After a couple of days with little to do, Sarah gratefully accepted Joss’s invitation to the launch event for CityTheory, a new fashion line.

“Remember, here it’s ‘J.C. Lynn,'” Joss whispered. Sarah decided not to bother pointing out the irony of having a stage name as a reality star.

“Crap. I thought she was in LA,” Joss said. Sarah followed her sister’s stare and saw, speaking to reporters, Kisha “KiKi” Pullman, another reality star described by Joss as,

“…my nemesis.”

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1.05 – “Everyone else paid $24.95.”

The morning after her birthday Sarah intended to take action. She spent most of the morning online sending out her resume. But the lack of appealing prospects took a toll on her enthusiasm. By lunchtime she had given up her job search and was on her third game of computer hearts.

Sarah was in the kitchen when she heard her mother come in the front door. Sarah’s search for lunch had turned out little better than her search for work. Fortunately her mother had come bearing gifts in the form of moo shu pork and shrimp lo mein. Sarah gathered plates and forks and met her mother at the dining table.

“Want to talk about it, Sare-Bear?” Melody asked.

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1.04 – “Reset button, square one…”

Sarah laid down on her mother’s sofa with her arm across her eyes. She tried to wrap her head around the events of the day as they replayed in her mind. Let’s see, Sarah thought, I lost my boyfriend, my job, my apartment and…”

“Happy Birthday.”

Right, she thought, I almost forgot.

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